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  • Must Have AddOn for Firefox: Lightbeam

    Install this into Mozilla Firefox if you are using it in the lab.  Read their note below. As revelations about government surveillance continue to stun people around the world, I’m reminded of why I joined Mozilla three years ago as privacy and public policy lead. In the midst of massive investments in tracking and mining…

  • Collusion

    The advanced Web Class is working with the Firefox AddOn Collusion and going through a recent article at Lifehacker. Firefox: We talk a lot about privacy at Lifehacker, specifically about how your activities are tracked on the web and what you can do to stop it. If you’re still on the fence or not convinced…

  • How to use Firefox to Download Flash Files

    Today, Flash is everywhere. Animations, music, games, advertisements or even streaming presentations. How can you download some of these flash files to watch in your own time? Or convert them to another format. Or use them in a presentation.

  • Personas Lesson Plan on Moodle

    A great lesson plan on Firefox Personas, using Moodle originally, reformatted for the Web.   Originally from Brad Cook, Graphics teacher at Gresham High School. FIREFOX ADD-ON PERSONASCUSTOM Websites: All you need to do is create two graphics files in your favorite graphics editing program (e.g., Photoshop). To get started read more about how to…