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Why do we hate the sound of our own voices?

I was reading this article from Neel Bhatt, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology, UW Medicine, University of Washington and it covered the expected two ways we hear our voice and why we find it “cringeworthy”. I was familiar with this from previous work I have done with audio in both broadcasting, filmmaking, animation, and game design.…… Continue reading Why do we hate the sound of our own voices?

Google Search Trick

A trick appeared in the Recommendo weekly newsletter on using Google Search. I have read about this, and recognize the reminders when I used Google Search and I still don’t use it regularly if at all: An under-appreciated Google search trick is to focus your search by excluding all unwanted alternative meanings — you append…… Continue reading Google Search Trick

Skills for Programmers

I have come back to this article, 10 Signs You Will Suck at Programming, a couple of times over the last few years and it reminds me of less measurable skills.