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Tidy Up Your Electronic Devices to Start The Year

Apply the KonMari methods by tidying up your digital world and in so doing, make it a little faster and more secure.

Wirecutter (from NYTimes) posted 7 Steps to Tidying Your Digital Life this morning and following my principal doing at least one thing from articles and/or lists that resonate with me, I chose Step Two – Delete Apps I Don’t Use from My Phone, well most of them. I know I haven’t ever clicked MS Powerpoint on my phone, but it certainly is conceivable I might if my laptop was unavailable. Other apps were either aspirational or unused and best off the phone.

I know, I promise I usually only do one, but this time I also took a look at Step Three and my browser as during Christmas the Honey Add-On was popping up in annoying places. It may well be that you benefit from this extension, I like it, but I decided it and another couple could easily go.

That led me to think, I should try Step Four and I learned an entirely new section of Windows 10 commands under Settings -> Storage and found obsolete and no longer maintained software on my machine and cleaned it off.

I suppose it would be great to do this more often, but hey, I knocked it down today!


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