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30Best Websites to Learn Design and Development

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Some of the benefits of online education are really focused on money, personal time management, pace and real fun projects and active communities.


While most of the courses, studies and special workshops cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars online education is the way to get demandable knowledge and skills and start working for any tech company or starting your own service-based business or creating products yourself.

Immersive communities

Learning with community is much more fun and efficient. It is like sitting in a class and having classmates helping you. You keep progressing because you are motivated by likeminded people and shared goals to learn something.

Learn at your own pace

You have a family, full time job and not much spare time. That is very understandable and that is why online learning is the way to your new career, you do not have to quit your job right now or attend classes where you’ll have spend your money and time commuting, paying for the classes and resources. Online learning gives you freedom to allocate 1-2 hours everyday after your work and family time to start pursuing your new career in design, development or business.

Build something real

While learning you shouldn’t learn just for the sake of learning, try to solve problem and your learning project might evolve into a business. Building real stuff is more interesting because you can ask people how would they use it, get feedback and fire up your motivation level every day.

Lets get started!


FROM $25/MONTHTopics: Web Development, Software Development, Design, Business.

One of the leading platforms to learn development and design online. Beautiful website, nice and clean interface, strong branding and practical courses from the industry leaders.

Tuts+ Premium

FROM $19/MONTHTopics: Web Development, Software Development, Design, Business, Video, Audio, Photography.

Definitely the biggest and very well-known network of tutorials in any tech subject starting from beginner to expert level.


FROM $25/MONTHTopics: Web Development, Software Development, Design, Business.

Lynda has been around for almost two decades and has been developing its platform full of valuable courses ranging from productivity, accounting, development, design and game design.


FREETopics: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, API

Codeacademy offers you a free and interactive game to actually learn to code. Learn to build websites, games and apps.

Code School

$29/MONTHTopics: iOS, JavaScript, Ruby, jQuery, Git, Sass

Unique courses on various programming languages. You’ll love the gamified and nicely designed courses.


FREE – $199/COURSETopics: Business, Productivity, Web & Software Development, Design.

Many different course on various topics for all levels. It is like a marketplace of courses so you’ll get different lessons by different people.


FREETopics: Programming, Computer Science, Math & Science.

Free online courses from “some” guys like Don Norman, Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman or an entrepreneur Steve Blank.

Ruby Monk

FREETopics: Ruby

Free, interactive tutorials to help you discover Ruby idioms, in your browser. For every entry level, beginner, intermediate or advanced.


$19/MONTHTopics: Web Development, Design, Photography, Video, Business

Video tutorials on many fields including web development, design, photography, video and business.


FREETopics: ASP.NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, CMSs, HTML/CSS, Databases

One of the best blogs out there for web development, many various coding languages and practical tutorials.

Don’t Fear the Internet


Very stylish guide to front-end development for the artistic folks. Friendly approach for print designers, photographers and artists.


FREETopics: WordPress, Web Development

Whole website dedicated for WordPress development. Creating and implementing themes, custom plugins and smart workflow hacks.


FREETopics: Business, Management, Engineering, Technology Design

Best online courses in the world from leading universities offered for free.


FREETopics: HTML, CSS, jQuery

Industry leading HTML/CSS tutorials and tricks solving big problems in front-end development world.

Android Development

FREETopics: Android Design and Development

Your very first stop for Android development. Basics, best practices and in-depth tutorials on building Android apps.


FREETopics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Mobile, UX Design

A one-stop-shop for everything web design and development. Large collection of practical tutorials and real-world cases.


FREETopics: Web Development, Web Design

Unique experiments on web design and development pushing the limits and innovating the industry.


FREETopics: UX/UI Design, Web Design, Front-end Development, Typography, eCommerce

Huge collection of practical tutorials building WordPress, Tumblr themes, building complete websites from scratch and loads of quick tips.


FREETopics: Everything Development

Everything you need to know about web development. Huge collection for almost every programming language.


FREETopics: PHP, MySQL, Frameworks

Free tutorials on object oriented PHP, databases and frameworks specifically targeted for web designers.


FREETopics: Mobile Design, iOS, Android and Blackberry Development, PhoneGap.

Many various tutorials for different mobile platforms. Tutorials range from beginner to advanced level.

PHP Academy

FREETopics: PHP, HTML5, JavaScript

Free web development tutorials on creating fun stuff like countdown, drawing app or a unique hit counter.


FREETopics: JavaScript, Ruby, Python

Free coding courses building real-world projects and implementing your knowledge to build fun games and apps.


FREETopics: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, Angular JS

Dozens of useful tutorials building practical and reusable stuff like simple blog, sliders, web apps and much more.


FREE – $9/MONTHTopics: Typography, Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration.

Creative and specific tutorials ranging from typography to illustration for beginners, advanced designers and digital artists.


FREETopics: Typography, Web Design, Graphic Design, Illustration.

Tons of innovative tutorials on experiments in web, graphic design and illustration. Latest trends and most creative concepts.


FREETopics: Web Development, Web & UI Design, Illustration, WordPress.

Various tutorials ranging from simple tips and design basics to complete website development from scratch.


FREETopics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, jQuery

Learn the basics of most popular coding and programming languages. Very simple examples and live preview for a nice play around.


FREETopics: Web Design, Front-end Development, Illustrations, UI Design.

Lots of valuable tutorials on building practical stuff like login forms, widgets, drop-down menus and complete websites.


FREE – $9/MONTHTopics: Designs Basics, Web Design, UI Design, Digital Art.

Awesome tutorials on digital art, web design, user interface design and lots of design essentials as typography, wireframes, colors and more.