Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. – Maya Angelou

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  • The IPK is Actually Older Than I Am!

    But it doesn’t matter, it has been replaced with the Kibble balance. Of course, it may or may not be a step forward.  Read more about it here in the article on The Atlantic: Why isn’t this necessarily a step forward?  Why is it? 

  • Why It’s So Hard to Kill a Fly

    Ever try killing a fly, feel like you just aren’t fast enough, well, you aren’t…at least most of us aren’t From BigThink: Actually, from the fly’s perspective, you quite literally are moving in slow motion, because every species experiences time differently. The reason? Differences in sight. All animals, including humans, see the world in what’s…

  • Spinach can be engineered to detect explosives

    via [The Verge] The system can even send an email warning Nature Materials Forget bomb-sniffing dogs, we can now use spinach to detect explosives. Scientists have implanted the leafy greens with tiny tubes that let them sense when an explosive is nearby and even alert someone by email. This is all part of the field…

  • Wait, There Isn’t a Scientific Method?

    Image via Wikipedia Science journalist Tom Siegfried on the misuse of statistical methods in science: “It’s science’s dirtiest secret: The ‘scientific method’ of testing hypotheses by statistical analysis stands on a flimsy foundation. Statistical tests are supposed to guide scientists in judging whether an experimental result reflects some real effect or is merely a random…