Florida Kid’s “stupid App”

How a Florida kid’s “stupid app” saved his family’s home and landed him on the main stage at Facebook From PandoDaily Michael Sayman is not your average tech entrepreneur. For one thing, he’s 17 years old and started making money off iOS apps at the age of 13, rivaling even Mark Zuckerberg’s babe-like founder status.…… Continue reading Florida Kid’s “stupid App”

Brains can’t handle all our Facebook friends

Image via Wikipedia WE may be able to amass 5,000 friends on Facebook but humans’ brains are capable of managing a maximum of only 150 friendships, a study has found. Robin Dunbar, professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, has conducted research revealing that while social networking sites allow us to maintain more relationships, the…… Continue reading Brains can’t handle all our Facebook friends