Storyboarding: Digital Storytelling

A storyboard for an 8-minute animated cartoon.
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Developing your Digital Story

  • Pre-writing: brainstorming, collecting images, researching, outlining, and storyboarding
  • Drafting: creating a script and developing form
  • Revising: modifying images and organization
  • Editing: timing, images, and narration
  • Publishing: the final product

What is Storyboading?

Storyboards are visual representations that aid in the the creation process of digital storytelling. Storyboards layout images in sequential order to create the the flow of the production. They can also include technical aspects and explanations of design. Each project is unique and varies in its needs; specific requirements should be altered. The following is suggested content: a brief description, comments, audio, transition and an estimate of length.

Muvizu could be the next really fun 3D Tool

Welcome to Muvizu, a website set up to facilitate collaborative film, audio and drama projects, providing users with the right tools for the job and a shop window to exhibit their work.

The big enchilada is Muvizu 3D, free software designed to let anyone create compelling animations without expensive kit and years of training. The videos on this site were made in Muvizu 3D, mostly by people with no animation experience. Our mantra is: “Direct – don’t animate.”

Muvizu 3D is an alpha product and supplied “as is”, so take note of the known issues listed on the download page.

My Answers to the Animation Quiz

Mr. Walker (I am into the third person speak today).

I started with the example you gave in class last time of Googling “animation storyboards” and remembering how you push everyone to read the first ten pages and not just the first link I found the following for research.

Animation Careers – sounds dull but a GREAT READ Animation – A great section on animation, especially sketching in flash, but also the poll, this was a great jumping off place. The blog entry with the template to put into a sketchbook is an example of the work.

Proving History isn’t dull, I found this example of an actual Stimpy’s Storyboard

I like this person’s work as an example of what a professional does in a workshop about storyboards and how to lay them out, short YouTube video was useful, if slightly out of focus.

A professional YouTube example of a storyboard and how much detail to LEAVE OUT.

Everyone has to put in an example from Wikipedia, here is Storyboards, just so I know what is due on Friday.

Blah, blah, blah, I wasn’t into Storyboards, so I researched How to Draw Animations and came up with this book on Google Books so I could see some of it, I wasn’t going to read all of it, in any event.

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