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Browse the Internet Like You Parents Did (when they were your age)!

You can now experience the Web as it existed in the 1990s, when I used to walk to school 10 miles through the snow, up hill both ways (you know the story). Look at, which emulates old browsers, takes you to old versions of websites, and recreates the silliness that was using the Internet 20 years ago., as developed by Ilya Kreymer and Dragan Espenschied, with help from media arts foundation Rhizome, lets you choose an old browser and then travel back in time. There are old versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and even Mosaic. All of which are horrible when compared to Chrome, Firefox, or even Microsoft Edge.

As Rhizome explains, is designed to show how the Internet has evolved into an integral part of the human existence:

“Today’s web browsers want to be invisible, merging with the visual environment of the desktop in an effort to convince users to treat “the cloud” as just an extension of their hard drive. In the 1990s, browser design took nearly the opposite approach, using iconography associated with travel to convey the feeling of going on a journey.”