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76 Google Now Voice Commands: Learn One New One Today


Hi new students, a simple trick is to look down a long list like this and find ONE command that you think you might use again, like “Record a Video” and practice it. I don’t recommend bothering with an entire list, but learning one new thing you are going to put into practice three times in the next week will actually be knowledge and could change your life in some manner.

Google Now is a simple, responsive personal assistant created by the hugely successful search engine Google that has been integrated into all Androids! All you need to do is say “Okay Google” to open Google Now in your Android smartphone and the microphone icon will will begin to pulse, indicating that your phone is listening. Now all you need to is say a command, but what should you say? What can you say? Here are more than 70 different commands you can use with Google Now to make almost every aspect of your daily life easier!

Google 1

[As you can see, I have an iPhone. However, you can still use some of Google Now’s features on Apple products through the Google App. If you have an Android, then all of these commands will work on your phone!]

General Commands

1. Search for [life hacks].
2. Where was [Beyonce’] born?
3. How do you say [thank you] in [French]?
4. What does [tautology] mean?
5. Who invented [the television]?
6. What time is it in [Kuala Lumpur]?
7. How old is [Bryan Cranston]?
8. Stock price of [Apple]?
9. What is [Google] trading at?
10. Author of ["Cloud Atlas"]?
11. Show me pictures of [the Northern Lights].
12. How old is [Sean Bean]?
13. What’s the weather like in [Manhattan] [tonight]?
14. What is [12 miles] in [kilometers]?
15. What’s [1,000] divided by [12]?


16. Post to Twitter [I love Lifehack]!
17. Search [Tumblr] for [pizza].
18. Open [Calculator].
19. Open [Spotify].
20. Take a photo.
21. Record a video.


22. Open [].
23. YouTube [how to trim own fringe].
24. Play [Still Alive] by [GlaDOS].
25. Who acted in ["Guardians Of The Galaxy"]?
26. Who is the producer of ["Taxi Driver"]?
27. Runtime of ["The Godfather"].
28. What song is this?
29. What movies are playing [tomorrow night]?
30. Read ["The Girl With All The Gifts"].

Google 2


31. Set an alarm for [7 am].
32. Set a timer for [5 minutes].
33. When is my [doctor’s appointment]?
34. What is my schedule for tomorrow?
35. Remind me to [buy pasta sauce at 5:30 pm].
36. Make a note: [back-up laptop to hard-drive].
37. Find [Siobhan Harmer’s] phone number.
38. My bills due this week.
39. Where’s my package?
40. Wake me up in [4 hours].
41. Create a calendar event: [meet Rosy at Luciano’s] [Saturday at 9 pm].


42. Call [Jonny].
43. Text [April] ["please put the kettle on, I’ll be there soon"].
44. Send email to [Alex H.], subject: [Broken iPad], message: [I tried to read in the bath again].
45. Listen to voicemail.


46. Map of [Birmingham].
47. Where is the nearest [Indian restaurant]?
48. Navigate to [the London Eye].
49. Show me all of my flight information.
50. Where’s my hotel?
51. Show me restaurants near my hotel
52. Show me the menu for [Wagamama’s].
53. What is [100 dollars] in [pounds]?
54. How far is [Paris] from [Cannes]?
55. What are some attractions in [Tokyo]?
56. Call the [MET].


57. How are [Liverpool FC] doing?
58. Did [The New York Yankees] win their last game?
59. When is the next [Barcelona] game?

Google 3

Easter Eggs

60. Roll dice.
61. Flip a coin.
62. Do a barrel roll.
63. When am I?
64. Make me a sandwich!
65. What’s the loneliest number?
66. Who are you?
67. Who’s on first?
68. Beam me up, Scotty!
69. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
70. Up up down down left right left right.
71. What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
72. Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
73. When does the narwhal bacon?
74. What does the fox say?
75. Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…
76. What is the nature of the universe?

As our everyday lives become more integrated with the technology around us, applications like Google Now are becoming increasingly useful in all sorts of situations! You can even experiment with different phrases, perhaps ones that you feel most comfortable using, and see just how capable and responsive Google Now really is.


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