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Comcast Offering $10 Internet Service for Low Income Families

This is a basic reprint from a recent post from Maximum PC. If any of you qualify for this and can afford it give Comcast a call.

When Comcast scooped up NBC Universal earlier this year, regulatory officials made the Internet service provider promise to boost its broadband coverage to include 2.5 million low income households at a price of less than $10 per month (among many other conditions – PDF).

Comcast is making good on that promise by rolling out its Internet Essentials program, which offers high-speed Internet to qualifying families for $9.95.

Comcast lists a handful of conditions, including:

  1. Be located where Comcast offers Internet service
  2. Have at least one child receiving free school lunches through the National School Lunch Program
  3. Have not subscribed to Comcast Internet service within the last 90 days
  4. Not have an overdue Comcast bill or unreturned equipment

The Internet Essentials service offers up to 1.5Mbps download and up to 384Kbps upload speeds.


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