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Bicycle Typogram

From the HOTAAR site, you have to go to the site to see what the initials stand for, it is too good to copy.

Please do not reprint or use the typogram without the appropriate permission. This is a personal site and I am just showing what a typogram is, I wish I had thought of this one, although it does inspire me to consider making one for something else.

From the site:

Ride…ride…ride. It’s calling to you with svelt circles and a promise of adventure. But is it a secret society, those who ride? In a flash of inspiration you search online and find the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, a public support group for people like you who hear the call. You order the 2010 LACBC Bicycle Resource Guide for $10, a fascinating digest of wheeling information for every situation. At the center, laying across a two page spread in black and white, is this typogram: