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Converting HD MP4 format files for use in Adobe Premiere CS3

From Steve’s Digicam Forum

I don’t own it but I was asked to help with a setup so I thought I would post this. This is based on the HD1000 with 720p@59.94fps. I have 3 ways of converting files for importing to premiere but I will teach you the “lossless” way. This is for a windows xp system.

Setting up your Operating system:
Lets get you started with the “right format” to use. I have 3 styles of converting but I will teach you the “lossless” way.

First search for this file and install it and say next next next and dont change the options. ffdshow_rev2630_20090122_clsid.exe

then look for mp4cam2avi version 2.81 and install that and use it.

Use mp4cam2avi version 2.81 and nothing less. Do not use other versions.
under action, batch conver many files to many files. Video format is “source Video”. Audio Format is PCM uncompressed. change your avi size to max which is about 2gb and drop the files on the left side. choose a location where you want your output and press start. Conversion takes about 1-10 minutes for 10gb or depending on your hardisk data rate transfer.

Now setting up your project in adobe premiere cs3:
1. open up your adobe premiere cs3
2. click on “new project”
3. click on “Custom settings” tab that is next to “load preset”
4. use these paramaters

choose general and in general section
Editing Mode: Desktop
Timebase: 59.94
frame Size: 1280×720
Pixel aspect ratio: Square Pixels
Fields: No fields (progressive scan)
Display format: 60fps non Drop-Frame Timecode
Title safe area and action safe area should all be left to 0 % in all those fields.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR GPU USERS. Go into playback settings tab and under desktop display mode, if this is available, click on GPU effects. Now you can edit in full framerate for HD content. If this section on the special note is available, this means your graphics chip is capable of GPU accelerated video playback during preview.

Audio sample rate is 48000
display format “audio samples”

click on save preset and call it xacti
in description call it 720p@59.94 fps

okay it and okay it and or cancel.

close program and start again and choose new project and under custom tab, select xacti.

now open your premiere and hit file-import. Its in your you can now drag and drop the files into your timeline.

Let me know if this works for you. I doubt you will have problems.

before you import video to adobe premiere, you need to set your project video size and framerate. I gaved you the settings so use the xacti settings I am giving you. If you use a different size, change size and frame rate accordingly. Without 3d acceleration I cannot test the gpu utilization option in adobe premiere since I am running this demo application in the virtual dekstop with no 3d card. I would like to hear peoples opinion on this. If you have none, the video will move like 4 frames per second during previewing during editing. Final cut is fine and is not affected jfyi.

after you have your video in the timeline just the way you like it, you will ned to save the video. I will leave this up to you unless you want my recommendation, post here and ill answer. I set this up to recieve emails for questions needing to be answered.