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20 Great Online Image Editors

Reprinted from November 13, 2008 – 4:54 pm PDT – by Sean P. Aune

The online image editing space has grown rapidly in the past year, providing great free and subscription-based options for users of all levels. These well-rounded services let you import images from your social networks, touch up photos, promote your work, and more. Here are 20 online image editors that are worth a try.

What are you looking for from an image editor when you go online? – A simple and free editor that looks a lot like Photoshop, but without as many tools and effects.

Aviary Phoenix

Aviary Phoenix – Allows you to import from photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Facebook, work with layers and other tools.  Offers free editing with the addition of a small watermark, as well as subscription plans for more advanced work.  You can read more about Aviary here on Mashable. – Upload your image to this free image editor and take advantage of their numerous tools and then save it either to your disk or to the Web in your choice of formats. – FlauntR is big on backgrounds, fake magazine covers and basic editing tools.  Gives you the chance to purchase prints of any of your creations. – A completely free editor with numerous tools such as distortions, layers, effects, smart scissors and a whole lot more. – Is a bit rudimentary and not quite as smooth as some of the other options out there, but it is free and simple to use. – This editor has a rather odd interface in that everything is done using a dropdown menu which causes the page to reload when you make a change. The service only accepts GIFs and JPGs, and is free, but advertisement heavy. You can remove the ads for $1 a month. – Good for minor editing, and obviously directed at the social networking crowd since it has a tool named “Glitter Wizard.” – A subscription-only image editing solution that offers some advanced tools and the ability, upon subscription, to install image editing on your own site if you choose. – Offers up basic photo editing tools that are easy to use. You can save to popular formats and upload your finished images to all of the popular photo services. – Adobe finally brought their famous photo editor to the online world.  It doesn’t have all the features of its offline sibling, but it does offer a wealth of handy and easy to use tools as well as 2 GB of free online storage.  So far it only accepts JPG files for upload. – Picture2Life offers numerous tools and shows you an automatic preview for each one as soon as you open them up. – PikiPimp offers very simple editing tools, but is heavy on adding “bling,” text, glitter and animations.  Will also let you put your creations on items in your PikiStore. – Pixenate offers a lot of tools for touching up personal photos, including one specifically for tooth whitening, which is a new one we haven’t seen before. – A free editor with preview and a handful of effects such as colorfix, blur & sharpen, sepia tone and more.  Very straightforward and easy to use. – Free image editor that might remind you of the offline version of Photoshop.  Available in numerous languages and has an API that is free to use. – Import images from sites such as Photobucket, Picasa, Webshots and more.  Also offers numerous tools, fonts and shapes for free. More tools are available with a premium subscription of $24.95 a year. – Allows you some basic editing tools and the ability to save to the Web or your computer. You can open any image from the Web you have a URL for and more effects and tools are available for a premium subscription fee. – Splashup offers a full featured online editor, but you can also download Splashup Light for mobile computing and simple editing on the go. – Offers you extremely simple tools to resize an image, crop it, optimize it and make the image more usable online.