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  • The 30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins: January, 2013

    Our infographic today, courtesy of WP, is all about the 30 most popular WordPress plugins, as determined by their total number of downloads.  Hopefully, if you are planning to set up a WordPress site for the first time, this infographic will give you some ideas and inspiration for which plugins to consider WP Template…

  • Preparing CMS Web Graphics and Layouts Using Open Source Tools

    Preparing CMS Web Graphics and Layouts Using Open Source Tools with: Jen Kramer In Preparing CMS Web Graphics and Layouts Using Open-Source Tools, Jen Kramer shows how developers and graphic designers can collaborate to create a great site design that integrates with a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla!, all using open-source software. This…

  • Blogging for Mobile Devices

    I just added the WordPress Mobile Edition as a result of my recent road trip across the country.  Think of this as a must have for your platform in today’s world.  Visit using your phone.  Incredibly useful and lightning fast, even when compared to the NYTimes iPhone Application which pales by comparison.