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  • Easy Longboard Buyer’s Guide

    If you are new to the longboard scene, or just need a little help learning exactly what you need, the Easy Longboard Buyers Guide infographic from Longboard Reviews could be a life saver. This cheat sheet tells you the differences between the board styles, wheel sizes, wheel hardness, and deck length.

  • Summer: Geo Users North America Summit

    Educator John Walker described his extensive use of mapping and 3D modeling in his Gresham, Oregon classroom, and how he encourages his high school students to leave a thoughtful footprint in the world.

  • 2010: How I Spent My Summer!

    This summer I haven’t posted as I was out riding across the TransAmerica, TransAm, #acatransam!  The trail took me from Yorktown, VA to Portland, OR.  See the trip, with notes and pix on <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Google Maps</a> or <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>TrackMyTour</a>. I am decompressing at present and haven’t even cleaned or performed maintenance on my…