Virtual-Closet Web Sites Revise Online Fashion Shopping

The Essential Sites:

THE VIRTUAL CLOSETS Track how often you wear what’s in your closet, the cost-per-wear of items, and the weather the day you wore them. Upload and share outfits; virtually try on potential purchases with a Webcam. Catalogue your closet, layer outfits, and post images to Facebook. Organize and share — what else? — your wardrobe.

TouchCloset: Lets you flip through your clothes like album covers on an iPod.

THE SCRAPBOOKERS Surf, catalogue and buy from glossy images of fashions, gadgets, trips. Design collages of clothes and accessories. “Pin” images from the Web on digital bulletin boards.

THE CRITICS Upload a photo of your outfit, ask a question (“Can I meet his parents in this?”), receive advice you may or may not want to hear. Are those leather leggings flattering? Get an opinion, fast.

THE SOCIAL SHOPPERS Arty, unique finds culled by a shop-happy community. Share and buy items from around the Web in this “social store.” Flash-sale shopping that feels more like perusing an indie magazine. Follow and shop your favorite designers, boutiques, stylists.

THE STYLISTS Show off outfits. Share photos of shoes, bags.

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Published: February 29, 2012

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