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  • 10 Interesting QR Codes

    From a post on the OEDb website, reprinted here so we can look at these in the classroom.  Ellyssa Kroski did a nice job finding these. Over the past year I’ve seen more and more businesses and organizations make use of QR bar codes for marketing and disseminating information through the mobile platform. And they’ve…

  • QR Codes Explained by Common Craft

    An introduction to QR Code technology which makes the real world clickable like a website.

  • How to Create a QR Code in 3 Easy Steps

    From the Daring Librarian comes this tip.  NOTE:  We use in class instead of for the same tracking capability.

  • Uses for QR Codes

    MakeUseOf had a recent post on 7 Great Uses for QR codes that is worth considering for our projects.  They list their useful QR generators (below) as well as tools for reading and some interesting things to think about. There are plenty of good, free QR generators out there with some offering more advanced options…