Famous Movie Quotes as Charts

Dr. Nathan Yau, PhD from FlowingData.com has charted the 100 most memorable quotes from American movies, as selected by the American Film Institute, into a data visualization series called Famous Movie Quotes as Charts.  He had designed the first handful of them a few years ago, but only recently got back into the project and completed all 100. 

Each chart is a clear visualization of the movie quote, and easy for the audience to understand.  They are beautiful in their simplicity and can be very funny in their interpretation.

Famous Movie Quotes as Charts Jaws Chart

Here’s a link to the big version for all of the detail.


YouTube Feature Length Movies for Free

How come someone didn’t let me in on the fact that a few Feature Length movies like Men in Black are available to watch for free.  Sure, I have seen it, but it lets me watch a movie using the new service from Google and see if I like the speed, delivery and if I have the right extensions for Chrome to make the movie display well.