Top 50 Online Courses of All Time

Published by Class Central, the Top 50 List

What I noticed is that the most popular programming language listed is Python with THREE entries including the NUMBER ONE course listed.

According to the authors a quick summary of the Top 50 list:

  1. Coursera is the top provider with 28 courses in the Top 50, and edX is second with 9 courses;
  2. Stanford and MIT top the list with four courses each, and the University of Cape Town has three courses in the Top 50 — two on FutureLearn and one on Coursera;
  3. the list includes courses from 35 universities and one research institute (Santa Fe), of which 22 universities are in the US; and
  4. Barbara Oakley and Terry Sejnowski, the instructors of the most popular online courses in the world, have two courses in the top 50. Their new course Mindshift joins Learning How To Learn in the top 50.

A MOOC for AP Computer Science

Wondering what to do as our school does not have an AP Computer Science curriculum?  Sign up here and let me know if you do!   There might be something I can do for you in terms of credit.

A MOOC for AP Computer Science

A complete curriculum, syllabus and all course materials developed and taught by a master high school teacher will be free and available for the 2013–2014 school year.