Build a Super Simple Light Strip Using a Heavy Duty Power Strip

Build a Super Simple Light Strip Using a Heavy Duty Power Strip

This photography light strip is practically snap-together; read on to see how you can build a 15,000 lumen continuous lighting system with hardware store parts.

Courtesy of DIY Photography reader Flaviu Leordeanu, this simple photography hack involves using a sturdy 10-socket industrial power strip to server as the framework for a 10-bulb light strip. Hit up the link below for a closer look.

How to Build a Sweet and Simple CFL Light Strip [DIY Photography]

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Introducing Mozilla Webmaker make. learn. hack.

Building a generation of webmakers

Mozilla Webmaker wants to help you make something amazing on the web. With TOOLS, PROJECTS and EVENTS that help you create, learn and connect. Our goal: move millions of people from using the web to actively making the web. Creating a new generation of webmakers, and a more web literate world.

Join the Summer Code Party

This summer, we’re inviting everyone to join us to meet up, make something cool, and learn how the code behind the web works. It’s called the Summer Code Party, and it starts June 23.

Mozilla is joining with dozens of other organizations to make this happen. Want to make a prettier template for your blog? Or level up your latest YouTube video? Or just learn a bit of HTML? We’ll have tools, tutorials, and activites to help.

Next Year is Our First School 3D Printer: 3-D Art for All

Next year we get our first 3D Printer as Jason is going to build one, the alternative to the one we have chosen is the Maker Bot and the following is the article reprinted from the NYTimes here so we don’t lose it.  Go to the NYTimes and read 3-D Art for All: Ready to Print for all the related multimedia and related articles.