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  • Use GameMaker Studio 2 Trial at Home

    You can live with the limitations! The GameMaker Studio 2 Trial licence is designed to let you explore the IDE and learn how to use the product, permitting you to make small test projects and prototypes. However it has certain limitations, the most important of which is that in this version of the product you…

  • 21st GM48!

    The Games of the 21st GM48   Congratulations to the winners of the 21st #GM48! #gamemaker #gamejam @YoYoGames — Peter Jørgensen (@tehwave) January 30, 2017

  • The 72 games of the 20th #gm48

    Rating has started. Say hello to the record-breaking 72 games of the 20th #gm48: #gamejam — /r/gamemaker (@redditgamemaker) October 17, 2016