Google Search Trick

A trick appeared in the Recommendo weekly newsletter on using Google Search. I have read about this, and recognize the reminders when I used Google Search and I still don’t use it regularly if at all:

An under-appreciated Google search trick is to focus your search by excluding all unwanted alternative meanings — you append a minus sign in front of the term(s), as in < dolphins -miami > for non football dolphins or < orange -color -telecom > for the fruit.”


I am going to go to Google search and search for Seahawks or Sounders and add “-football” and see what changes. The goal is to actually get my brain and fingers to be used to doing this.


If you could be part of any world record, what would it be?

This is from Rob Walker, TAoN. I think I will use this in class, especially with the 2nd big summer heat wave upon us.

The back story: Mallory says she was talking to friends about the recent record-breaking temperatures in Canada — presumably a record most of us would prefer not to be part of. But that led her to this question. “I think it would be a neat little insight into what someone thinks is cool, and into their interests and personality,” she explains. “Do they want to break a solo, risky record (e.g., highest dive), or a goofy one (e.g., most straws in the mouth), or a big group one (e.g., largest round of ‘Ring Around the Rosie’), or a serious one (e.g., most patents owned)?”

Tidy Up Your Electronic Devices to Start The Year

Apply the KonMari methods by tidying up your digital world and in so doing, make it a little faster and more secure.

Wirecutter (from NYTimes) posted 7 Steps to Tidying Your Digital Life this morning and following my principal doing at least one thing from articles and/or lists that resonate with me, I chose Step Two – Delete Apps I Don’t Use from My Phone, well most of them. I know I haven’t ever clicked MS Powerpoint on my phone, but it certainly is conceivable I might if my laptop was unavailable. Other apps were either aspirational or unused and best off the phone.

I know, I promise I usually only do one, but this time I also took a look at Step Three and my browser as during Christmas the Honey Add-On was popping up in annoying places. It may well be that you benefit from this extension, I like it, but I decided it and another couple could easily go.

That led me to think, I should try Step Four and I learned an entirely new section of Windows 10 commands under Settings -> Storage and found obsolete and no longer maintained software on my machine and cleaned it off.

I suppose it would be great to do this more often, but hey, I knocked it down today!